History of Company


Padideh Nik Ara founded in 2007 and has started to work as one of the pioneers and leading company in agglomerated stone industry in stone industry in Iran since 2007.It works relying on economic development principle and the growth of construction industry strategy with the purpose of production and designing different artificial stone.

This company has produced integrated solid surfaces for the first time in different colors and designs according to customers ‘order and with  the same price for all colors , by transferring technology and using different modern machinery especially from Germany and help of internal and external experts in assembly line. We can say proudly this company is the biggest and the most modern company in the country in the field of solid surface production.





Padideh Nik Ara Planed to reach following goals in 2025

  • Become the first and top national brand in the field of agglomerated stones production
  • Known as an international brand in international markets
  • Have the highest share in domestic market
  • Increase its share in the international markets
  • Produce zero pollution products
  • Increase its assets to sustain the business





Padideh Nik Ara as a national brands committed to produce environmentally friend products, enhancing the quality of human life, improving the level of its clients’ satisfaction and leading the market in the field of agglomerated stones through the “competition” and clients’ satisfaction.





  • Environment friendly Business
  • Customer orientation and respecting the stakeholders
  • Believe in company human capitals
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Speed and Flexibility 
  • Organizational Dexterity
  • Believe in team working and Sympathy
  • Social responsibility
  • Empowerment and enhancement of organizational knowledge through international up to date knowledge
  • Commitment and endearing to fulfill satisfaction of clients’  current and future needs





Working Hours

  • Saturday - Wednesday: 9:00am - 9:00pm
  • Thursday: 9:00am - 9:00pm
  • Friday & Hollydays: 10:00am - 2:00pm

Contact Us

  • #2437,2nd Goldis,West Qazali Street, Eshtehard, Alboz, Iran
  • Phone: 026-37775962 | 026-37778462 | 09124378955
  • Email: info@abloni.com